Fixing Your Electrical Stove Whose Element Won't Work

Having an electrical stove in your home is essential for your cooking activities. When your electrical stove develops an issue, it's important to know a few ways to fix it. Fixing some problems in your electrical stove may seem like a challenging task but it's simple if you know exactly what to fix and you follow the right procedures. One of the issues that you may experience with your electrical stove is failure of the element to heat or work. Therefore, read below to find out some of the parts that could be the reason your element won't heat and how you can fix the problem.

Defective Switch of the Surface Element 

This switch is responsible for sending voltage to the element coil. For this reason, if this switch develops a defect, then the element won't work. You can find out whether the element switch is the cause if your stove has another element that's similar in size. Switch the elements and observe the surface element. If it still won't work, then there are high chances that it's defective. Defective switches should be displaced.

Faulty Wire Connections

If the wires near your stove's heating element are burnt or loose, it won't work. Therefore, inspect these wires carefully for any visible signs of burns. Any burned-out wires should be replaced. Loose connections can simply be fixed by being tightened together.

A Fault in the Heating Element Itself

Your stove's heating element itself could be the reason it's not working. That is, it can burn out just the same way a light bulb can. Faulty heating elements are not repairable so your solution to this problem would be to replace the element.

Power Problem

If the range isn't receiving sufficient voltage, the element won't work. If you are comfortable working with electricity, you can investigate whether your stove's range is receiving less voltage by using a multimeter to test the amount of power that's coming from your wall socket.

Faulty Board of the Surface Element

The surface element has a board that helps to regulate the amount of power supply to your stove's burner. It does so with the help of relays. If any of these relays develops a problem, the surface element will also not work. You will know that the board of the surface element is the culprit if more than one burner of your stove fails at the same time. A defective board should be replaced as well.