Likely Causes of Unusual Air Conditioning Noise

Many people can't imagine spending a day indoors during the hot summer season without their air conditioner blowing cool air. That's why it is important for AC users to perform the necessary repairs on their cooling equipment whenever they suspect there is a problem with its operation. Though modern AC units are designed to run as quietly as possible, it is perfectly normal to hear some noise. However, any noise that is new or louder than usual may be an indication that an AC unit is faulty and will need to be repaired. 

Here are some likely causes of noisy AC operation.

Leaking refrigerant

AC refrigerant is the working fluid that does the job of cooling the warm air that is pumped into the AC system, making the air coming out of the air supply vents comfortably cool. If there is a refrigerant leak within the system, you may hear a hissing sound, which sounds pretty much like the one a leaky LPG gas cylinder makes. Refrigerant leaks should not be left unattended because they usually lead to significant energy inefficiencies. Your AC unit will continue using up electricity, but the air that comes out of the air supply vents won't be as cool as you would like, simply because there is not enough refrigerant. 

Faulty compressor

Another likely cause of AC noise is a bad compressor. If your compressor has loose or worn out components, such as pistons, or simply needs to be lubricated, it will make loud banging, buzzing, clanking or thumping sound. Your compressor is the heart of your AC equipment, as it performs the important function of pumping refrigerant where it is needed within the system. Be sure to have your compressor checked by a professional electrician to prevent any extensive or costly damage.

Loose mounting bolts

If your AC unit makes clicking or knocking sounds while it is running, chances are high that the mounting bolts used to secure individual AC components are loose. This is a typical occurrence because the AC components keep shaking for the entire duration that the system is running. The good thing is that this kind of problem is easy to fix, as you would simply have to re-tighten any loose bolts and replace missing ones. Occasionally check your AC indoor and/or outdoor units for excessive shaking while the system is running – just stand a few steps back and see what happens.